Our Reputation:

In the past, finding the right Anne Arundel County furnace repair company was challenging. You deserve technicians that are fully trained, with years of experience in the field. When your furnace stops working in the dead of winter, you want a company that responds quickly and guarantees their work. You can find all of these qualities in A Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning. We have built a reputation for ourselves by doing everything possible to help our customers keep their home comfortable throughout the year. We offer the best in furnace repair and replacement, and the best installation and heating service.


We Know Our Stuff!

Going too long without a proper furnace cleaning may lead to breakdown of your appliance, which could turn into a more costly furnace replacement installation down the road. We can handle your Anne Arundel County furnace replacement needs, but we can also extend the life of your current unit with a heating service maintenance visit.


You may not be able to tell if you need furnace repair, or installation of a new unit. With one short visit, our technicians can diagnose the cause of your problems, and come up with the best solution. We will only recommend an Anne Arundel County furnace replacement when it would make the most sense.

While any part of a furnace can break, there are a handful of parts that cause most of the problems we fix. The ignition system is a common cause of any Anne Arundel County furnace repair. If you are not sure when your furnace ignition was last checked or replaced, having it inspected now may save you trouble later.

Sometimes heating problems come from other parts of the system and not the furnace. The thermostat can break and prevent the unit from receiving the request for heating. The wiring between the thermostat and the furnace is also prone to damage from insects or mice. Our experts have seen every type of heating and cooling issue imaginable. This allows us to pinpoint the problem no matter where it is occurring in the system.

Catching a problem early can minimize the amount of damage that occurs, and we can handle any Anne Arundel County furnace repair issues you may have. Call A Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning to see how we can help with your heating and cooling needs. Whether you need furnace repair or installation, we work hard to make it happen quickly