You recognize our trucks around town and you’ve probably heard our name; A Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning is your home for professional installation and service repair for all heating and cooling in the local area. For almost 30 years, we have been proudly serving the local area with quality products and service with a smile. When you need service, repair, replacement of a heating or cooling unit or information about BGE heater rebates, let us be your first call.

Make a Difference and Earn Heating & Cooling Equipment Rebates

When it is time for a new heating or cooling system, you are making an important investment in your home. Old and outdated systems are often wasting more energy than generating it. The good news is, when you decide the take the plunge on a new, highly efficient heating and cooling system, you could also take advantage of BG&E rebates.

When you install a new energy efficient system in your home, you not only save money on fossil fuel costs and energy bills, you could save even more with HVAC equipment rebates.

How to Apply for Energy Efficiency Rebates

There are a few simple steps each customer needs to take in order to qualify.

    1.  The first step to receiving Heating and AC equipment rebates is to determine your eligibility.
      • As a homeowner, you must live in a single-family unit with a natural gas or electric system that is separately metered from your neighbors. Living in a duplex, condo or townhome is OK but multifamily units are ineligible.
      • To be eligible for BG&E heater rebates or cooling rebates, you must receive electric distribution service from BGE no matter who your electricity supplier is.
      • If applying for natural gas furnace rebates, the natural gas distribution service needs to come from BGE.
      • Most new home and commercial properties are not eligible.
      • All rebate requests must accompany an invoice for completed work.
    2. The second step to receiving your energy efficiency rebates is finding a contractor.
      • A Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning is a participating heating and air conditioner contractor for our local area. We want to encourage our customers to make a positive impact on the environment and help them save money.
    3. The last step to receiving your rebate is to let your contractor install your new system and submit the application for your heating and cooling equipment rebates.
      • We understand that buying a new unit can seem daunting. We are here to help make the decision much easier. We will visit your home or business and help determine the best solution and unit for your space.

As a Carrier authorized dealer we are confident our products are top-quality. Let us know that you are interested in the rebate program so we can indicate which system is a part of the program. Based on our recommendations, you are free to make your own choice. Keep in mind that we also have flexible financing options available for our customers.

Once the installation is complete we offer assistance with the application for rebates to ensure all the proper information is included to increase the chances of receiving the rebate.

Benefits of Installing an Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling System

Reduced Carbon Footprint – There is so much more to the AC equipment rebates than meets the eye. The program is motivated by the desire to install more environmentally friendly systems fueled by natural gas or electricity.

Increased Productivity – Your current heating and cooling system is most likely running at less than full capacity which means you are spending money on wasted energy. When you choose to upgrade your HVAC system, you will notice a change in your energy bills almost immediately.

Increased Resale Value – As buyers are looking to buy a home, they want to see the home has a good foundation and quality appliances. When the next buyer of your home recognizes there is a high-quality HVAC system keeping the home temperature moderated, it stands out as a selling point.

Tax Credits – On top of all the money you find yourself saving, you might even be eligible for federal tax credits when you file your annual taxes.

Contact Us for More Information

The best way to find out more regarding eligibility and investment costs it to contact a member of our team. We are available whenever you need us!